china Shanghai International school uniforms wear exhibition (Brand "ISUE" ) is the first brand exhibition in Chinese campus uniforms industry since founded in 2013,  which has held six consecutive terms,  leading the Chinese campus industry’s innovation and development with it’s excellent quality and advanced industry concept.  ISUE brand focus on primary and secondary school education and preschool education marketing,  committed to building an integrated service platform for Chinese campus clothing accessories,  serving for students’ campus life and adolescent education career development of the large primary and secondary school.

    Insist on the original dreaming.  From 2013 to 2018, ISUE has been promoting and leading the rapid innovation and transformation of China's campus industry.  Response to the 19th congress, ISUE 2019,  taking the values of the congress that "Strengthen our confidence in culture, Inherit excellence,  and build the classic campus clothing brands" as the motif ,  and invited 200 famous clothing schools brand for this exhibition ,  about 20000 national major preschool education of primary and secondary schools for a visit. Inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture and promote the advanced socialist culture, further strengthen the confidence of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics by influence the values of the young students.



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